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We travel all around Provence and the Grand South of France in order to find antique architectural elements
We hunt architectural antique elements as:
Antique paving floors, antique bricks, limestone or antique stone.
But also antique stone(called here in France Beaucaire's barr or Montpellier Stone), Antique romans tiles, antique beams( oak, fir or ash wood), antique pavement,etc...

But we look also for:
antique fireplaces, mantels, fountains, stairs, statues,
antique doors, portals, gates and iron railing.
que nous restaurons.


We sale our antique architectural elements as we recover it for whom wants to restore himself
However we can make the restoration on demand.

Finally if you can't pick up the merchandise on our Park in tavel or in Beaucaire, we can quote the delivery to your house in France or all over the World.

Before Dismantling Before Dismantling Secondary Services:

We can also participate to the dismantling of an ancient house. Here we show you a sample. Send us a mail for more informations.

After Dismantling After Dismantling
Work Finished

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